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#FBF: What. A. Night. πŸŒ™πŸŽ‡

Weddings weddings... Aw, there is just something so magical about weddings. Especially when they take place at a magical place like the Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn- I mean... Talk about fairy tale come true!

 Thank you Dan Caster & Michael Marolla for one of the most beautiful nights I have experienced in my life. You guys are such beautiful human beings and I am so happy to have you in my life and be part of such a special day. I love you both. Enjoy the rest of your lives together and stay amazing!!! ❤️✨🍻 














Body Shaming

Don't ever allow anyone to body shame you.


The Challenge: Rivals III EP.1

It's time for a new challenge: The Challenge: Rivals 3!!! Oh man, feels like just yesterday we finished off The Challenge: Bloodlines and now here we are... at the third episode of Rivals 3! Crazy stuff.


My Newest Creation

My newest creation #nomnom... Very quick post about an easy breezy meal that I made today for my post workout meal. It took me literally 15 minutes to get it done because I already some pre cooked quinoa and chicken ready to go. I just had to heat it up and voila!!