From Reality to Reality






Photo by: Shandie Stewart

Brazilian bombshell Camila Nakagawa has exploded on the reality scene, starring in her 9th MTV show, (excluding specials) “The Challenges: Bloodlines.”
The sexy starlet has taken the reality world by storm with her fiery passion and competitive
spirit. She may sometimes be portrayed as the loose cannon, but her drive and personality keep MTV and fans hungry for more. She’s the only cast member of the “The Challenges” who has never appeared on a regular season of “Road Rules” or “Real World.”
In fact, the hidden gem was discovered by MTV producers as she partied in Acapulco with friends for Spring Break. From there, she landed a spot on MTV’s “Spring Break Challenge” (she won that challenge) and was invited to return for “Rivals,” “Rivals II” (she came in third), “Cutthroat,” “Battle of the Seasons” and “Battle of the Exes” (winner). And she is now a regular on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards and Movie Awards.
As her career has taken off, Camila has traveled the world – Prague, Iceland, London, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, to name a few – but Brazil will always be her favorite place in the world. In 2000, Nakagawa got her first taste of traveling when her family moved from her home country of Brazil to Boston. The United States – for Camila – was definitely an acquired taste.
“When I first moved here, I didn’t like it one bit,” she says. “I was away from the family, and I didn’t know the language at all. I just hung out mostly with the Brazilian community.”
That once-shy Brazilian girl has blossomed into a firecracker with a healthy appetite for fun.
“I’m outgoing, loud sometimes – but not all the time,” she says, laughing.
“I speak my mind. I don’t care what people think.”
DSC_3856-3DSC_3722Photo by: Shandie Stewart
It’s that carefree attitude that has lured millions to tune in to Camila on MTV, and her competitive spirit landed her a win on “Battle of the Exes” and third plac on “Rivals II.”
Even off screen, Camila is a person who stays active and works hard to help others. With a hobby of “anything that has to do with moving the body,” Camila used her “Challenge” winnings to invest in Clean Start Miami, a yoga studio that also offers all-natural body cleansing products.
“After I won my first challenge, I wanted to invest my money in something that I really believed in,” she says. “I want to help people cleanse their bodies and minds. It’s all about starting over and caring for yourself, so you can help others. Clean Start Miami is just one of the things busy Camila has gotten into since starting the MTV challenges, which have opened her eyes to a world she never thought she’d see.
“These challenges just helped me find who I am,” she said. “I’ve struggled a lot in my life. I grew up with a single mom, and moving to a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language. I just learned to deal with my own problems. Helping other people is like therapy for me.”
DSC_3749Photo by: Shandie Stewart
Camila has lent her time to organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Alexis Project and R5 Productions, speaking on hard-hitting topics like bullying and drunk driving, using her own life experiences. The list of organizations will only grow from there, she says
When she’s not busy helping others, Camila is focusing on her next step
in her career. Taking a chance to be on MTV has opened a door to new opportunities for Camila – and 2015 is her year. You may catch her electrifying the stage on the 1’s and 2’s or heading back to her home country of Brazil for appearances at the 2016 Summer Olympics. For Camila, the possibilities are endless, and that’s just how she likes it.

DSC_3803-4Photo by: Shandie Stewart