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A Few of My Favorite Things

When I think of the holidays, I think of pretty things, and happy things! I’m happy with my life, my work, my friends and family. Yes, things can get difficult sometimes, but you gotta just lift yourself up and force your brain to focus on some good things every day…and there are always good things, no matter how small. Those small happy things are very powerful, and you can make use of them by “giving them some play.” Know what I mean? Talk about em, tell people about em, write about em and build them up. Yep, that’s the way to get past all the unhappiness in your life. Focus on the good and let it grow!
This year, with Christmas and New Years showering all of their beauty and fun and excitement on us, I thought I’d focus on one of the things I am so grateful for—and has brought much happiness into my life: a few of the generous companies who have sponsored me as I work on television, with the most beautiful, useful, amazing products. Yes, I should probably use #ad in this blog, because I am talking up these products. But I consider them more than just products. They are my favorites (just a few of them anyway—you’ll hear about more as time goes on).

The thing is, I really couldn’t have done the TV shows without the generosity of the wonderful people who own and run these businesses. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Can you imagine having to buy enough clothes to wear something different in every episode and scene of a show? Pssssh. I could never have done that. You would get tired of me wearing the same old thing, wouldn’t you? I’d look like an orphan in the same clothes day after day. And the makeup, hair extensions, accessories are absolutely essential, too! Not to mention the fitness helps.

So, here you go…in honor of the holidays and that wonderful song, here are a few of my favorite things. (I’d have to say the song “My Favorite Things” is one of my favorite things, too.) Here’s a link to the classic clip on YouTube: You can play it while you read about MY favorite things…

Image Skincare

Like anybody, I have some skin care problems. (I hope I cover them up pretty well when I’m on TV or in my photo shoots…but you’ve seen me in all my un-makeupped glory in some of my posts. Lol!) But this high-quality, paraben-free line is the BEST!!!! Image products do an amazing job of prepping my skin for makeup and making me look good. Ahhhhhhhh! That’s what it feels like.

Nude Skincare

I also love this line…they are obsessed with natural ingredients, and I love that! The products are based on the idea that the skin requires the same healthy, wholesome nutrition that the body requires. Check out their ProGenius oils and serums—they deliver nutrients right to the surface of your face! Best of all, I like (love) knowing it’s all natural. Yep, my face loves me for it.

The Luxe Beauty Company

You can imagine, when you’re on TV in front of millions of viewers, it can be pretty daunting to think they will be judging your face, your body, your actions—everything!!!! Omg, it’s nuts! (But, of course, I love it or I wouldn’t do it.) I have to admit, I wouldn’t feel as confident if I didn’t have some of the WONDERFUL products I use from Luxe. They make it easy to be creative and have fun with a bunch of different looks!!!

Morphe Brushes

Any good television star knows that application of makeup DEPENDS on brushes to do the job right. Even if you have the greatest makeup (such as Luxe), you can’t do it justice without the right tools. But, hey, this company also has some nasty-good palettes of color to use those brushes on, too. You’ll love all the colors and cool tools, like brush belts and cases.

Lox Hair Extensions

Sometimes a girl just wants to look a little MORE glam, right? Or you want to make up for flaws, such as not having the thick, beautiful hair you were born to have. J I just love these extensions. I have others I like, too, but today I want you to know about the super-quality extensions Lox makes. They aren’t just real human hair, which is important if you don’t want to look like a Barbie doll—they are made well and look like your own hair on beauty steroids!!!

The Elephant Pants

If you’ve been watching me on television for a while, you’ll recognize some of the outfits I’ve worn from this cool company. Their pants and leggings are fabulous—and I feel fabulous IN them!!! J They’re printed with exotic, color-saturated designs that you just can’t stop looking at (that’s a good thing, when you’re a celebrity, right?! Hehheh)

Lisa Battaglia Hats

Well…I’m not sure how to say enough about this hat company (stupendous, amazing, absolutely gut-busting grand). Seriously….when I look at them, I get butterflies in my stomach. When I wear them. Well. I feel like a million bucks. I feel on top of the world. You can’t look bad in a hat from Lisa’s line, unless your face is just really, really ugly…and then the hat will make you look better!!! Every one is a “modern vintage” wonder, using old-time quality millinery craftsmanship.

Be Yourself Boutique

You know, one of the most difficult things about being a person in this day and age is deciding what kind of style you want to promote (you know, it’s important to have a personal brand). I love, love, love this little boutique in my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, where the whole idea is that you get to choose clothes that let you be who you want to be! They’ve eliminated numbered sizing and use a color-dot system instead, so you can focus on what you like—not the number. The system also eliminates inconsistencies in size. Be Yourself Boutique is run by two sisters who really care about how you look and feel. Tell em Camila sent you!!!

Best of Big Red

Can’t give kudos to my favorite things without including…wait for it…THE HUSKERS!!!! GO BIG RED! Best of Big Red is a shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, right in the heart of Big Red country. When you go to their website, you’ll see what I mean. Hooooo boy, that is a lot of red. I wore some of these outfits on my last trip, and I loved them. You can find practically anything you want, from caps and boxers to official-looking jerseys and windshirts. They also have gifts and videos…lots of things that will help you indulge your Big Red fever! GO HUSKERS!!!!

So, that’s it for now, my lovelies. I hope you have a very happy holiday, no matter what the tradition you keep. Remember to keep it real. Focus on the good things (you know they are out there, even if it is sometimes difficult to find them). Refuse to let anything get you down. You are alive and kicking. The pretty lights and candles and presents and family and music and FOOD are there to remind you that there are magical things in every nook and cranny of our lives. And there are things greater than us to believe in and depend on. We just have to embrace them. xoxoxox

Hope you have a happy holiday, and a very happy new year!!!…with all my love…Camila