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Bloodlines Starts TOMORROW!!!

Yeahhhhh!!!!!!! It's really here! Tomorrow, my friends, you will be able to see me and my best friend (and baby sis), Larissa Nakagawa (aka Lari) on MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines! It’s airing on MTV at 10pm Eastern... For all you HUSKER fans & all of the midwest, it's 9pm Central, which meansssss, 7pm Pacific for all you beautiful peeps on the West coast. :") (Who knew I'd be giving y'all a lesson on coast times one day... ) Anyways!! It’s a date! Put it on your calendar, invite all your homies to your fancy theatre room, get some delicious snacks and settle in to see the start of all the crAYzeeness!!!
Then plan to be in the very same spot for the next 11 Wednesdays and see how far we get. Will we win? What crazy things will we have to do to stay on top?

I’m tellin’ you there is no stronger team than two sisters who love each other like me and Lari, with Brazilian blood in us--and determined to the point of NEVER give up! We’ve been through alot together already in our lives, and this will be like nothing to us! (I hope…)

The show takes place in Turkey! It is an amazing place--the people, the weather, the FUN with all of the other players. I am SO proud to introduce my little sister to them and YOU as my other half, the other member of our Bloodlines team.

Seriously, I would be honored to have you watch the show and leave me some comments on this blog and messages on my social media pages:

It is for you, lovers, that I do this craziness. I LOVE you all and can’t wait for you to see us in the Battle of the Bloodlines!

Xx, Camila